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Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Posted by Jacob McKnight on

When we first started out on our journey in 2013 here at Haüs Of Growlers, we had a very simple purpose, give people great customer service, nice products and an awesome way to express whom they are and what they care about at a fair price. So, we came up with 10 growler designs. Some worked (Trippin, Beer Molecule, Craft Bear, etc.), some did not (Weed growlers: thought it was ingenious, boy were we wrong). Now we have created more of our own designs, partnered up with local artists and licensed well over 70 designs, partnered up with Tumbleweed TexStyles and added t-shirts to our offerings. We look forward to continuing to grow throughout what is left of 2016.


Growlers have been around for quite some time now, especially on the east and west coast. In the past couple of years, they are catching on here in the midwest and have taken off like wild fire along with the craft beer craze. Emotions are mixed on growlers across the U. S. Although, we are a bit biased, it is in our opinion, one of the best ways to get the freshest beer home from your favorite breweries. Lets face it, there are breweries out there at this point in time, that can not afford to can and/or bottle their beer/s, thats where growlers come into play. Whether it be flip-top or screw-top, your growler gets your tasty craft beer from point A (growler filling station, brewery, grocery store, etc.) to point B (your home, a tail gate party, family gathering, your belly) and that is the beauty of growlers!


With all of the above being said, we want to thank each and everyone of you for your support. Even if you came to the website just to look or you bought something from us at a beer festival, regular festival, on-line or from one of the many retail locations we have the pleasure of working with. We can't THANK YOU enough! It truly does mean a lot to us that you guys support us and help us continue to grow.


If you should ever have any questions, compliments or recommendations, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by email, Twitter, Facebook or find us out and about living a dream at beer festivals, craft beer stores, craft beer bars or breweries. 


Cheers everyone,


Jake McKnight