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Partnership with Kegerator.com

Posted by Jacob McKnight on

We have the pleasure of announcing that Kegerator.com (Living Direct) is now carrying a majority of our best selling growlers from our Great Beer Drinkers Series with Ryan Sheffield, our Texas Series with Tumbleweed TexStyles and Texowa Designs as well as our Regulars Series. We are proud to have this opportunity to not only work with Kegerator.com, but to have another great avenue to get our growlers to craft beer lovers. 


Living Direct, Inc. began in 1999 as Richlund Ventures in Austin, Texas. Their founder and CEO, Rick Lundbom, grew up around appliances. Both his dad and grandfather sold appliances for boats and RVs, and Rick saw the potential for more people to see the benefits of smaller specialized products. Seeing the Internet as a way to reach niche customers across locations where such specialized products may not be easily available, Rick started CompactAppliance.com in 1999, which has seen double-digit growth every year since. They're now enjoying a network of many different websites, each aimed at a niche set of products to fit customer needs. 


Haüs Of Growlers, LLC began in 2013 in Dallas, TX. Founder, Jake McKnight tried to be a home brewer, but was awful at it. He wanted to be in the craft beer industry, but wasn't quite sure how until one day in a local growler filling station the idea hit him! Why not have a growler that is fun, creative and/or unique to give someone a unique way of expressing themselves, the rest is history. We now sell across the country online, at beer festivals and regionally at growler filling stations, restaurants, grocery stores, bars and boutiques. 

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