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Pedal Happy Design Partnership

Posted by Jacob McKnight on

Haüs Of Growlers (HOG) is pleased to announce a new partnership with Pedal Happy Design (PHD).

HOG will now sale PHD 64 oz., Hand Crafted, Leather, Growler Carriers on it’s website. Each PHD growler carrier starts with a careful thought out design. Production of a growler carrier starts with a raw veg tanned cow hide which is then hand died followed by a 6 step finishing process to achieve the finished leather used to make each growler carrier. Hand stitching is then used, which is much stronger and reliable than machine stitching, to bring the beautiful, one of a kind, 64 oz., hand crafted leather, growler carrier together.

Both HOG & PHD are excited about this partnership. Jake McKnight, founder of HOG, says “From the very beginning, I only wanted to put quality products on the market. Yes, our products are more expensive, but if your customer truly cares about it and it gives them a great way of expressing themselves and you stand behind it, believe in it and give them great customer service, they don’t mind paying more for it. With the partnership between PHD & HOG, it is a testament to my belief from the get go in only offering quality products to our customers. PHD not only is a great, small business too, but they have the same philosophy in regards to quality and service.”

Pedal Happy Design manufactures hand crafted, leather growler carriers. The product that started Pedal Happy was the leather growler carrier for the glass growler, this happened by chance. Prior to a bike touring trip along the pacific coast I knew we'd be riding by many breweries that dot the pacific coast. Not wanting to take up the valuable space in my panniers I designed and made a carrier out of leather specifically designed to carry a 64oz standard glass growler. With this growler carrier we were able to stop at breweries along the way and fill up with the local beer of the day and enjoy it later back at our campsite. While at the campsite others often took notice and I received a lot of positive feedback on the carriers. When I returned after the trip I decided to make a few for others, they became more popular than I had imagined and quickly became my full time work. And here we are today with Pedal Happy, since that short start I've had the joy of designing and manufacturing more products, keeping with the same bicycle theme.

At Haüs Of Growlers, we are craft beer lovers too. We wanted so bad to brew beer, but we ended up being horrible at it. So, one day, setting in a local growler filling station, we noticed something about their growlers, they were all branded with the growler stations logo. We left there with the idea of spicing both the growler world and craft beer world up by putting fun, creative, unique designs on growlers that give individuals a great way of expressing whom they are. Now that dream has become a reality and Haus Of Growlers has not slowed down.

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