a better quality of life!

About Us


To give anyone whom comes in to contact with Haüs of Growlers a memorable time they will not forget and A Better Quality of Life!



Anytime you come in contact with us, whether it be online, run in to us personally or when you come to our booth at an event, you are going to feel good about your purchase and yourself! Not only because you walk away with quality products, but because for that moment of time you were with us, you laughed, you had a good time, you were important, you felt appreciated, you had a better quality of life! 


Yes, we are in business to make money. But, we feel if we give you a better quality of life for the moment of time you spend with anything associated with Haüs of Growlers, that moment sticks with you and you will want to come back for more time and time again.  


It's a simple idea, but we truly believe it, so much that I want you to call or text me (214-717-8979) personally if you should have questions, recommendations or just want to talk about all the compliments you get on your growler! 



We are craft beer lovers like yourself. We wanted so bad to be able to brew beer, but we are absolutely horrible at it! So, setting in a local growler filling station one day and looking at all the different shapes, sizes and materials of growlers for sale, we noticed something, all the growlers had the same growler filling station branding on them. We left there, with the idea of spicing the growler & craft beer world up. So, we went home, did some research for a spell and Haüs Of Growlers was born.


We come up with fun, creative, unique designs to put on growlers that give craft beer lovers a very fun and unique way of expressing themselves. Some designs are our own and some are local artists. We also have NFL, MLB & Collegiate licensed growlers.


You have helped us create one hell of a fun life for ourselves and we love every minute of it! Make no mistake about it, it does get scary at times. But, to think that craft beer lovers love what we do and will pay money for it is beyond humbling. We strive to be your craft beer lifestyle brand! At anytime you think that you or someone you know needs a growler, growler carrier, craft beer tee, etc., we want to be the company that makes it happen for you. 


Thank you guys once again for all the support from the bottom of our non home brewing hearts.




Jake & Craig

A Better Quality of Life!




 Please allow 1-3 days for processing of the order to be completed.